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14/01/07talking_goat2x 1GB (2GB kit) DDR-PC2100 ECC RAM$200.00Inc PostPayment received, posted and item arrivedprompt paymentNo problems, would trade again
09/05/07Psycho20002x HP 36GB 10K U320 HDDs in Proliant Caddies$80.00Plus PostPayment received, postedNo hassle paymentFellow Compaq/HP server guy, glad to help you out
17/05/07Navillus (organised for his mate)Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz Server, 2GB PC2100 ECC, 6x 36GB SCSI drives, LTO-1 Tape Drive, Triple redundant PSU's, dual GigE, 10 hotswap bays$750.00DeliveredDelivered, COD payment madeHappy customer, happy sellerHope we can trade again
19/05/07LethalCorpseP4 System, 2.6Ghz Northwood, Aopen 875P board, 1GB TwinX PC3200, 80GB PATA, DVR110, DVD-ROM, Radeon 9550, Dlink Modem, Gigabyte WLAN card, 400W PSU, AOpen tower case$230.00DeliveredCOD payment A-OKPleased with transactionGlad to deal with a fellow OCAU Folding member
28/05/07marktadros4x HP 72.8GB 15K Fibre Channel Drives w/ProLiant Caddies$200.00Plus PostReceived and sent drivesGood memberGood trade
30/05/07FarkenellCeleronD system, CelD 2.4Ghz clockded to 3.31Ghz, 512Mb PC3200, 80GB PATA, CD burner$180posted QLDpayment recieved and postedeasy trade, fair on postage costHappy to deal with again
09/06/07Mark_WebberDead 7900GS PCIe video card$15.00PostedPaid & sentWhy you'd want to buy a dead card is beyond me :| Good member, good trader
18/10/07192.168.0.1HP DL380G3 rackmount server, Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz, 2.5GB PC2100 ECC, 2x 36GB 15K SCSI HDDs, 2x 10K 36GB SCSI HDDs, 2x 10K 72GB HDDs, SmartArray 5i card, iLO, dual rendundant PSU's, dual GigE$950inc delivery to ShellharbourDelivered and COD payment madeGreat guy, easy to deal with. His dad is cool too.Highest recommendation, assured of a good trade, hope I will be able to trade with again. AAAAA+++++
11/03/08DellwoodCisco 857W with all parts and accessories$300$15.00 ExpressPost ParcelSent off, receivedGood communicationToo easy!! Would deal with again.
20/04/08brisie06PentiumD 945, full retail package, proven OCer$120inc postCompleteNice blokeGood to sell to.
21/04/08IncredibleBulkThermalright HR-05 Chipset cooler - complete$20$5 postageCompletegreat to deal with another team 24 folderAll Good.
21/04/08BaNgA1Gb DIMM A-Data PC5300$15inc postCompleteQuick dealNo problems here.
23/04/08EvilGenius2Gb Kit Crucial Tracer PC8500 - double sided kit + 2GB PC8500 Single sided kit$220PostedCompleteFellow folder, much respectLet's do it again!
30/04/08lamerOld iPAQ$50$10 ExpressPostMoney in, sentNo problem traderAll good!
01/05/08pshnfryE6420 full retail$120Inc ExpressPostAll doneEasy tradeNo problems
01/05/08vaderE6600 full retail$130Inc ExpressPostCompletedQuick transfer fo fundsHighly regarded - be assured.

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01/12/06Fettrix4x HP/Compaq 72GB 15K RPM U320 SCSI HDDs
2x HP/Compaq 72GB 10K RPM U320 SCSI HDDs
4x HP/Compaq 36GB 10K RPM U320 SCSI HDDs
$400.00Inc post Complete Friendly, easy to deal withRecommended!
06/12/06vincent5413Corsair TWINX XMS3202CL2 2x512mb$120.00Inc PostCompleteQuick to get into post, well packedGood guy, will deal with again happily
15/12/06Makon02x CeleronD 2.4Ghz, 2x Gigabyte S478 Mobos & 2x 256MB DDR-PC3200 DIMMs$260.00Inc PostCompleteGreat to deal with, quick postWish he was closer!
14/01/07Fettrix4x 512MB DDR-PC2100 ECC REG DIMMs$160.00$10.00 PostCompleteGreat bloke, fine with change of plans from PU to Post and completing transaction - thanks for understanding!2nd deal, will continue to trade with Fett
19/02/07garfield2kGigabyte GA-945PL-S3 S775 Mobo$60.00$10.00 PostCompleteVery quick, packaging 110%On the level, hope we can trade again.
22/02/07-KoMoD0-Sapphire Radeon X550 PCIe VGA card$20.00$5.00 PostCompleteCard clean, good conditionThanks for a cheapie card to get my Folding SMP box up and running!
01/03/07FishmanAsus P5WD2 s775 Mobo$120.00$10.00 postCompleteDozy secretary delayed things, but once sent was here overnight - impressive!Excellent board, excellent price, perfect for purpose. Got anything else?
12/03/07bbeikoffPentium 4 3Ghz Prescott S478$80.00$7.00 postCompleteNo worries with this guy, extra quick postage.Would most definitely trade again with bbeikoff. Thanks!
04/06/07VazirovBF2142 DVD & unused key$30.00inc Posted ExpressCompleteEasy going, turned up quick.No problems here.
29/06/07azn2kIntel C2D Polo Shirt, Large$30.00Inc postComplete - got itFast postageOCAU Azns rock!
2/11/07vatofale2x Stanton top load DJ CD players$150 bothPicked upCompleteNice guyAnother great OCAU member to deal with
28/11/07substanceNumark 2 channel DJ mixer$80.00PickupCompleteEasy, quick dealWould happily trade with again
22/04/08ruffy01GA-P35-DS3 boxed$105$11 ExpressPostCompleteMobo in excellent condition, as described. Included invoice when i didn't ask for it. Trooper.Look forward to dealing with again.
23/04/08vitagenE5400 full retail boxed$100Inc postDone & DustedPosted fast - didn't expect for another day or twoAll good
26/04/08vathink650W Coolermaster PSU, ATi HD3870XT PCIe card$250$15 postageCompleteGood dealNo problems at all
27/04/08[md]#40GA-965P-DS3, Big Typhoon & 8600GT$200Inc postCompletePacked items very well and avoided any damage, as describedAll good!
29/04/08Ben IfinQ6600 G0, VID 1.2825, proven 3.6Ghz overclocker$220$10 ExpresspostArrivedTop communication, famous OCAU traderGood to deal with you, hope to be able to deal again.
23/05/08dalienQ6600 G0, VID 1.2625, proven 3.6Ghz overclocker$220$11 ExpressPostIt's hereGolden chip, golden deal. Wish all trades were like this.10/10, would not hesitate to deal again.

Date:Member:Item(s):Cash Adjustment:PU or PP:Status:Comments:Rating:
06/04/06RicksterCeleronD 2.4Ghz S478 CPU for Tsumori Midtower ATX case & 400W PSUNil, Direct SwapPUCompleteExcellent bloke, great to trade with a local9/10

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